Babysitter’s Basic Responsibilities: How Much Is To Ask For?

In the field of domestic help to raise a child, the needs and arrangements vary according to the family’s lifestyle, the culture (of the parents and the nanny), and the financial budget and, of course, the knowledge about caring for a child that both parties have.

However, although each family is different, in these five years that I have been a mother I have learned that there are certain basic responsibilities that parents must clearly state when we start a working relationship with an occasional babysitter or babysitter.

Here are three ideas that can help you to discuss the topic regarding “part time nanny” with the nanny who supports you with the care and / or upbringing of your child:

A little one needs timely attention:

In terms of their diet, hygiene, health and, of course, also in terms of play. Although this is an idea that seems obvious, sometimes it is not, especially when parents give a babysitter duties that combine child care with cooking, house cleaning or laundry. It is important to define priorities – and talk about them – so that the babysitter attends to the child in a timely manner, for example, when he needs to eat, is thirsty, feels ill, requires help with the use of the bathroom or wants to play (something that is not equivalent to nothing to sit the child for hours in front of the television or give him a video game to keep him “busy”).

Discipline without abuse:

Strategies for modifying a child’s inappropriate behavior are as diverse as individuals and families. Unfortunately, in this sea of ​​options, verbal or physical abuse is included. Therefore, it is essential to dialogue with the babysitter about the importance of teaching and guiding a child with consistency, rather than assuming that discipline amounts to punishment above all else (even worse if it is physical punishment). Discipline is a field in which it is essential to work as a team and maintain constant communication, aimed at finding the most constructive and respectful discipline strategies for the minor.

The safety of the child comes first:

Therefore this is a “non-negotiable” responsibility if you hire nanny services. Whoever is in charge of the care of a child must always act with the criteria of protecting her safety. This aspect crosses almost everything: from the permanent supervision of a minor to the authorized administration of medications and the way a babysitter drives the car when she picks up the boy from school (that of driving and talking on the cell phone simultaneously is very dangerous).

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