8 Signs You Have A Good Babysitter

Finding a babysitter is hard enough, so how do you know when you have a good babysitter? Or how you can give your baby to other hand by hiring live in nanny. Here are signs that the babysitter she has hired to take care of your kids is someone you need around because she is a good one!

1. Has A Positive Personality

If your babysitter transmits warmth and kindness to you, it is already a great sign. If she is positive and she gratefully accepts the opportunity to care for your little ones, then you can begin to be calmer. A positive personality with you can be a good sign that she will also be happy and fun with your children, but allow her to play with them and observe her interaction and whether your child is engaged.

2. Asks Relevant Questions

If your babysitter asks a lot of questions at first that’s good, she wants to do her job well! Understanding children’s likes / dislikes, special food preparation (even if they like their nuggets to be microwaved or baked), or sandwiches cut diagonally or straight are all good signs that person really wants to! Do a good job!

3. It Is Always On Time

Taking care of children is a real job and that is why you need punctuality and responsibility. You need him to be punctual to be punctual in your daily responsibilities … and that he does so is a show of respect for you and your work. While unavoidable emergencies, falling asleep, running out of gas, not having a ride, or worse, “something came up,” are not acceptable reasons for not keeping your end of the bargain. A great babysitter arrives on schedule and ready for action!

4. Have First Aid

Many babysitters prepare to be able to attend possible moments of emergencies by taking first aid courses. In this way, you will be able to help teach emergency responses, tips for dealing with unruly children, and easy handling of meals. If your babysitter has started to prepare in different topics about health or education, it is a good sign that she will be passionate about doing a good job when she is hired!

5. Know How To Entertain Children

The best babysitters come prepared so that the children have fun when they are in their care. They can bring fun books, movies, balloons, board games or games to make on the floor, fun food (of course parents will have to approve it first), etc. It is a good way to win the hearts of parents by planning something simple and fun.

6 .Dress Properly To Care For Children

A babysitter who comes in dressed too formal will not want to play ball, get dirty or sweaty, or have a lot of fun with her children. The best babysitters come “not to impress” but to have fun with your children … that is, she will behave in a fun way with children. They should dress in comfortable clothes no matter what gets stained!

7. Tell Things To Parents

Find a babysitter who will explain in detail what she has done with your children in your absence, babysitters who don’t tell you about it is not a good sign. Beware of the babysitter who seems like she only wants to talk to you when the kids can’t hear; that could indicate that she is going to provide a different version of what might have actually happened. Some babysitters even leave parents with a “what we did” summary with hilarious recaps, heartwarming moments, and even who ate what. What a caretaker!

8. Has Positive References

References are the first thing to check before hiring a babysitter and best choice is AU Pairs Australia because only other happy parents will tell you good things. You have to make sure to request referrals and follow up with calls to other parents for that extra peace of mind and security. Then give her a call ahead of time to make sure she can work in your home.

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