Choosing the Best Senior Living Residence for Your Loved One

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they begin to forget things. In the majority of instances other than normal forgetfulness, it is usually the senior generation that faces this problem. Children who are concerned over the safety of their loved ones would be inclined to visit with them more often. This would ensure that their basic needs are being met. Unfortunately, busy schedules won’t allow everyone to do that and for those kids, the option of assisted living is there. Finding the right facility should not be difficult as long as you follow some very basic guidelines.

Evaluating the Needs

Before you start looking for the best senior living residences New Hampshire has to offer it is a good idea to understand the needs of your loved one. Make sure that the facility you choose will be able to provide any medical needs. Nurses on-call are fine, but your best bet would be to have a licensed nurse at the facility at all times. Will there be someone qualified to dispense medications to the resident when necessary? Will transportation be available for residents to keep appointments, curative or otherwise? If necessary, will the facility allow outside medical specialists?

Just Like Home

One of the greatest reservations in taking your loved one to an assisted-living facility is the apartment conditions. The average facility will have the basics but when you love someone, you want them to be happy. That generally means that the living arrangements should be more than adequate. Climate control, carpet floors and a walk-in shower are great but, will your loved one have access to Wi-Fi, so they will be able to Skype you when they need to. Do they provide staff to keep the apartment clean and comfortable for your mother or father? Can they warm something up in the microwave if necessary?

Dinner Is Served

Many adults don’t like to cook and the older they get the more they look forward to eating out. This is not just an opportunity for them to stay out of the kitchen it also gives them some time to socialize with other people in their age group. Make sure that the facility you are considering will have a restaurant style dining room for the residents. Staff should also be somewhat knowledgeable on dietary restrictions, which would complement the health and medical needs of your loved one.

Dealing with Boredom

The last thing you need is to park your loved one in a facility and watch them stare at the walls. Jeopardy may provide some brain stimulation, but that is only for thirty minutes a day. Look for a facility that opens the door for a variety of activities, including outings to the mall or the beach. Bridge night can be fun, but if you want your mother or father to feel alive, the facility should offer a lot more than that. Many adults feel isolated from the outside world at an assisted-living residence; make sure that the world comes to your loved one.

Coping With Change

More often than not, the reason for your loved one requiring extra care is due to some lifestyle change. In some instances, this change could be triggered by the passing of the significant other. In all likelihoods, the children will be going through their own grief, which means that the parent that made it to the facility will be all alone. Your facility should be able to address these concerns right there or by catering for outside support groups. In the final analysis, the only thing left to consider will be the budget.