Things to Consider Before Starting a Home Daycare

Working from home can be a great business opportunity especially for full-time moms taking care of their children at home. Starting a daycare center is a great way to combine your passion for kids while at the same time making some lucrative business for your family as well. A daycare center allows you to earn some income while staying at home and being able to take good care of your kids. But before you can even open and start operating your daycare business venture, there are some things you need to consider first.

Licensing your Daycare Center

Acquiring a license for your daycare is one of the most important things that you need to secure first. This can help boost client confidence in you making your daycare business even more profitable. Also, by acquiring a license you can take care of more than three children at the same time. Having no license gives you limitations with operating your business especially with the number of children you can accept at the same time. Most state laws only allow up to 3 kids at the same time if you are unlicensed but if you have a license you can accept a minimum of 7 kids at the same time.

Forms and Permits

Before you can even file for a license, you need to complete each form and permit required of you to operate and before starting a daycare center. This can include government forms and permits that you need to file and pay for before you can get your license. There are three forms that you must secure: request form, background check form, and fees for your services. Upon submission and payment of such forms you will then be interviewed and given a set of guidelines, codes ad laws governing such business. You can always visit the official website of the governing agency to learn more about securing forms and permits to start operating your daycare center.

Nutritional Necessities

We all know that it is important for children to be supplied with nutritious foods in order for them to grow healthy. As a daycare owner, you need to be able to supply these nutritional requirements to the children under your protection and care. You should be able to provide them with breakfast, lunch and snacks that are all healthy and nutritious but delicious as well. You will be asked to create a menu that promotes a healthy and balanced diet.


If you are planning to operate a daycare center that can accept more than 7 kids at a time, doing this on your own might seem impossible. This is why hiring some staff and other people to help you with running and managing a daycare center is important. You need people to take care of kids, people to feed the kids, someone to manage the staff, and someone to do the accounting.

Starting a daycare center might be hard at first but nowadays, it proves to be a lucrative business opportunity that many homemakers might be happy to engage in. Just remember to consider these things so you are prepared for whatever the business brings to you.