Montessori Childhood Development Series: Gardening

All of the teachers at Montessori schools enjoy working in the garden and understand the need for children to work and play in nature. One of the childhood development classes Montessori schools offer is gardening! Children participate in planting the gardens, weed picking, watering from the rain barrels, and learning the various techniques of composting. Children learn about nature while interacting and working in it personally.

The goals of the gardening program for Montessori schools are to inspire children to develop a healthy relationship with not only one another, but also with the environment. Working in the garden will work to vitalize their minds and bodies through physical activity, it will expose them to the wonders of nature, and it will provide opportunities for creative and spontaneous play.

This program encourages the development of life-long green habits and attitudes that could lead to creating a sustainable future. By spending time in the garden, the children participate in hands-on experiences to learn about where food comes from and the cycles of nature. This program encourages children to connect with themselves and the natural world. This program lets them get full-on experiences with the world around them, as well as learning how what they put into the ground and into the atmosphere affects them and their future.

Building a garden provides an ideal way for the children to be actively involved in growing their own vegetables and flowers. Discussions about the importance of conserving water are a natural part of this process. It is important for children to learn these things young so they may use these skills as they grow. These kids get to create something from scratch and learn what it is like to make something for yourself. And it is especially fun when you can eat it or share it with other people.

The activity of composting allows for the children to learn about how food and plant waste can transform into rich, reusable dirt that nourishes the earth and its new growing plants. They also learn about the science of ecology and environmental management through this program. Children get to learn all about the cycles of nature and how recycling can be the best thing for our nature.

Maria Montessori highlighted the importance of movement for cognitive development in children. The gardening program is the perfect activity for that. Children get to be active out in nature while they let their creativity and energy free as they plot a wonderful garden. Creative Movement is a joyful way for children to develop physical skills, channel energy, stimulate imagination and promote creativity. Gardening is the perfect skill for a child to acquire for a long and healthy active life.