Baby Shower Nursery Rhyme Game: Getting a Great One

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Discovering the right baby shower nursery rhyme game for the get-together you are hosting just calls for a small bit of time and preparation. You should think about who is on your guest list, the theme, and how much time you will have available for games in the course of the shower. Below are ideas for you to make use of at your event.If you have a common baby shower theme like "it's a girl," any baby shower nursery rhyme game will be acceptable to use. If you have a more particular theme like monkeys or ducks, it is extra entertaining to make use of a game that is in keeping with the theme. Strive to get rhymes which are monkey or duck based. Getting a game that fits this specific of a theme at a party supply store is going to be tricky to get. You are going to be better off creating one ...

The Importance of Palliative Care in a Nursing Home

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Palliative care services have been gaining a lot of popularity these days as more people are opting for them. For those who do not know yet, it is a medical specialty that focuses on improving the lives of people suffering from life threatening diseases and providing them comfort. The concept in a nursing home is very similar to hospice where patients are made to feel comfortable at their death-bed. However, it is not reserved to dying patients but is also meant for those who have been facing difficulties due to serious illnesses. This care service can be provided to people of all ages suffering from any chronic, serious and life threatening illness.The National Council for Palliative Care has been set up as an umbrella charity for people involved in offering highest care and support to te...

The “Greatest Generation” Commemorates the Country’s Independence

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Individuals have different reasons for celebrating the Fourth of July. The day may provide a much-needed day away from work or present an opportunity to host a cookout, but for many, especially seniors, the day is spent acknowledging the sacrifices made for our country to enjoy its independence.A brief history refresherJuly Fourth marks the birth of the United States. In 1776, the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, which is when the country's founders, including John Hancock, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Samuel Adams, fearlessly signed a parchment that declared independence from Great Britain. It stated the colonies should be free-free to make their own decisions and to govern themselves. They marked this momentous day with a ceremony that included a public ...

Where Is Your Home?

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The Merriam-Webster dictionary has several different definitions for the word "home". One states that it is a place of residence. Another defines it as a familiar or usual setting or congenial environment and a third states that it is a place of origin.The dictionary goes on to define the term "at home" which includes being relaxed and comfortable, in harmony with the surroundings and on familiar ground.I think we all recognize the fact that a home is more than just a building, but individuals may conger up very different meanings when they hear or use the term "home".For some, it may mean the place where they presently live on their own or with their families. Home may be in the form of a condo, a trailer, house or tent. For others home may be heaven - the place where they are planning to...

Benefits of Using a Baby Monitor

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Firstly you will find that having a baby monitor will give you the reassurance you need that your baby is sleeping soundly. This reduces the amount of time you spend checking on baby, it gives you a chance to relax, maybe even have a nap of your own to recharge your own batteries before your baby wakes up again.Next you will find that a baby monitor is useful throughout the child's life, you can also use it to monitor your child as they get older. You can listen in their room to ensure that they are sleeping soundly or you can even use it to listen to what the nanny is saying while you work downstairs. These monitors provide you with the ability to be at hand for your child as and when they need you.It is so tempting as a new parent to constantly check on your baby. Cot deaths and other co...

Four Common Concerns About Assisted Living Answered

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If you are thinking of moving a loved one into an assisted living facility, you might want to know a little more about them. Allow us to enlighten you on some things you may not be too clear about and debunk some common misconceptions.Is Assisted Living the Same as a Nursing Home?Many people think of these two things as synonymous, but they are not. Nursing homes provide far more intensive care and are typically for people who are bed-ridden or who cannot function on their own. Assisted living residents have more independence and mostly go about their daily business with minimal aid. They usually live in little apartments within the facility rather than a single room like in most nursing homes. They also do not require constant medical attention, unlike those in homes. You should consult a...