Unique New Baby Gifts for Your Baby Shower

Choosing a new baby gift can be tricky and difficult, especially if you are not experienced with children. You will want your new baby gift to be prominent and noticeable as well as being much appreciated in front of others. With the vast amount of gifts the new parents are expected to receive, you will have to be creative to ensure your gift moves to the top of the pile and does not look similar to others. The common mistake most people make when looking for unique baby gifts is that they throw money at the problem. Making your gift more expensive does not necessarily mean that it will be unique! Resourceful and innovative thinking are more useful than excessive spending.

One lovely idea for a unique new baby gift is a personalised picture frame. Buying a picture frame with multiple compartments for different pictures is ideal. The central window can carry the picture of the new baby whilst the surrounding compartments can be filled with pictures of the parents, grandparents and siblings. To top it off, you can have the name and the date of birth of the baby skilfully engraved onto the surface of the picture frame leaving behind a beautiful and memorable present.

Another unique new baby gift idea is long-term baby clothing. Baby clothing is a common baby gift; your baby clothes will be amongst many other similar clothes. However, planning for the long-term will ensure that your gift is used from time and time again. For example, you can purchase newborn baby clothes for the baby, but in addition to these clothes, why not buy extra suits for 6 month old babies and 9 month old babies. By planning ahead you are showing that you are putting a great deal of thought into the gift, and your gift will be appreciated as the months go by.

If you want to offer the new parents a truly memorable and unique new baby gift, delft birth plates are the way forward. These plates are famous for their quality and precision. The beautiful designs are complemented by the fact that these plates come complete with the baby’s name, date of birth, weight and even town or city of birth. These gifts make for beautiful wall hangings, and can become family heirlooms.

Unique gift ideas for babies are important in a way that this will not only make you stand out from the rest but also allow parents to have a verity of gifts that can make the party special.