Traditional Baby Shower Game Ideas

There are many different types of baby shower game ideas to help you plan a fun and interactive party. If you are unsure of what games to plan, here are a few traditional games that are simple and inexpensive.

Baby Shower Gift Bingo

You can pick this game up at many party supply stores. If you’re having a small baby shower, this one is easy enough to make as well. You might also be able to find free printable game sheets online. Give each guest a bingo card and have them fill in the squares on the card with gifts that they believe the mother-to-be will get at the shower. Before the present opening begins, give each guest a marker to cross out the squares on their bingo card. Whoever gets a bingo first wins a prize.

Baby Charades

Of all of the baby shower game ideas out there, this one requires the fewest materials and can be one of the most fun for your guests. Before the party, put baby-related activities on index cards. Things like changing a diaper, pushing a stroller, feeding baby food to baby, rocking a baby, etc. Get as many ideas down as you can. During the party, have the guest split into two teams. Have a person from one team draw an index card and give them two to three minutes to act out what is on the card. Their team has to guess what the person is acting out. Award points when the team guesses correctly. Give each member of the winning team a prize.

Pin the Diaper on the Baby

This baby shower game idea is similar to pin the tail on the donkey. You may be able to find this game in some party supply stores but if not, it is easy enough to make your own. If you are artistically inclined, just draw a picture of a baby on a large piece of cardstock or posterboard. Draw several diapers on pieces of cardstock and cut them out. You can also print out or get printed at a local copy shop a large picture of a baby and glue it to the cardstock or posterboard.

Play the game like you would pin the tail on the donkey. Blindfold the guest who wants to try first. Hand them the diaper and spin them around a few times after blindfolding them. Have them walk towards where they think the baby is and pin the diaper on. Have each guest write their name on the diaper they pinned on the baby. Give a prize to the one who got the closest.