Simple Tips for Effective Baby Shower Planning

A baby shower is a simple yet important event that many first-time mommies should experience before giving birth. Since it has to be a memorable event, there must be a creative and well-organized baby shower planning. In order to do this, there are some important tips that a planner should take note to deliver a wonderful shower for the mom-to-be client.

To start with, it is best advised for the shower planner to have an interview with the client to determine their preferences and to give them idea about the best things that can be done in order to achieve a successful party. Some of the important preferred things that must be finalized are the theme, venue, and the schedule. If the client has not yet decided for the theme of the party, the baby shower planner may show some pictures of previously held parties that can be used as examples. For the schedule of the party, the ideal date is on a Saturday or Sunday that is 2 to 4 weeks before the due of the baby’s birth. It is also important in baby shower planning to know the number of people to be invited so that the planner can help the client choose which venue is suitable for the event and determine whether it is available on the chosen schedule.

Upon finalization of those preferences, the focus of the planner can be given to the processing of the invitations to be sent 5 or 6 weeks before the date of the event. An ideal invitation should at least include the date, time, and venue of the event. It should also indicate that it is a baby shower and the design must be related to the theme of the party.

After that, the baby shower planner can start giving attention to the decorations, activities, foods, and party gifts. As a suggestion, it is better to start planning with the food because giving priority to the food budget will significantly help the planner to determine how much should be spent for the other expenses for the party. About the decoration, an effective baby shower planning should involve creativity in making use of various baby stuff such as alphabet blocks, baby pillows, crib and extra-large safety pins as decors. Colorful balloons and rainbows are also good decorations but all of them must be arranged according to the party theme. It is also necessary for the planner to exert effort in organizing the technical aspect such as the sounds and lightings.

There is no standard itinerary for a shower program but the planner should make one that is well-arranged according to the given conditions. An example of a baby shower program itinerary starts with a welcome period, then to the mingle period and some ice breakers and games. The meal is ideally at the middle of the event and at the end, there should be something that will surprise the client by presenting some touching messages and videos or slideshows.

Moreover, an effective baby shower planning is not just about having too much expenses. The main concern should be on how the first-time mommy will be touched by the people around her and be prepared for the upcoming giving birth.