Planning Baby Shower Games

Having a baby shower means a lot of fun and non-stop laughter. It can be filled with so many activities to have a fun and lively celebration. Baby shower games are what makes this occasion complete, without it, it will definitely be boring and dull. It needs to be carefully planned to ensure that there will be no interruption of fun. It is also important that you choose the games to be played properly so that every guest would enjoy it and no one will feel out of place. There are a wide variety of games to choose from especially on the Internet. You just need to select what suits the party theme or if you want, pick what baby shower games are popular. But people prefer different types of baby shower games so it is important that you have different games.

Below are some fun games that you can let your guests try.

Bawling Baby– a set of scratch cards will be distributed among guests. There is a picture of a bawling or crying baby on the main card and each guest has to scratch their card to find out who has the item that will make the baby quiet.

Baby Predictions– a set of cards will be distributed to the invitees and will be filled up by predictions like, will it be a boy or girl, what is the baby’s hair and eye color or what will be the birth time and date. The expectant mother can keep it as a souvenir or remembrance.

Baby Animals Game– write at least 10 to 20 names of animals on a sheet of paper then pass around a copy of the list to each guest. Afterwards, ask them to write down the correct names of the animal’s baby in a specified time. The person with the most number of correct answers wins.

Baby Word Scramble– pick at least 10 to 20 words related to babies, gifts or maternity and scramble it. Print out a copy of scrambled words for each attendee, and hand them out. Place a 5-minute time limit and let everyone unscramble as many words as they can. Divide the guests into two and whoever has the most number of correct answers, definitely wins.

Candy in a Bottle– Fill a baby bottle with gummy bears, jelly beans or other candies. Make sure to count it. Let the guests guess how many candies are in the jar. The guess nearest to the total number of candies wins the game. After the game, give the bottle to the new mother as a souvenir or remembrance.

Baby shower games should not eat a lot of your financial resources. Search on the internet since it is free. If the games are selected well, it can make the event very complete. However, when looking for the right baby shower games, it’s important that you have the chosen games related to some baby names of the children in attendance.