Gift Baskets for Baby Shower

A gift basket is always a welcome present in a baby shower. The expectant mother will always be delighted with one, whether she’s having her first or third baby. Your basket can be a small one with just three basic items inside or it can be a grand surprise of luxury stuff. When you’re looking for baby gifts, consider giving gift baskets. They are interesting to give and to receive.

One kind of gift basket you can give in a baby shower would be a collection of bath items. Most parents would just buy soap and other basic toiletries. You can make the mom and her baby feel special by a set of luxury baby bath, shampoo, and lotion. You can also throw in a bath towel set, including a wash cloth and a squeaky toy.

Ask any parent and they’ll agree that babies grow very quickly. So you shouldn’t just think about things for the newborn when looking for baby shower gifts. You can choose to give a spoon and fork set, a training cup, plates or bowls, and other things he or she would need for meal time. You can also add a couple of bibs and some baby wipes.

You can also give a cuddly bear together with clothes and other things the baby would need for a good night’s sleep. You can include a couple of pajamas and a blanket. If you wish, you can have a teddy bear, a blanket, and a bedtime book, instead.

An all-toy gift basket, of course, would also be nice. You can give an assortment of stuffed animals. Another option would be to give different brightly colored toys that would help practice the baby’s senses like rattles and squeaky toys.

But you shouldn’t forget about the mom. Maybe you can still go for one of the basket themes mentioned above and put in an item for the mother. If you wish to give a bath time basket, you can include a moisturizing shower gel to keep mom’s skin soft and hydrated after giving birth. You can also take the meal time theme and throw in some healthy snacks and chamomile infusion tea for mommy so she can have a treat for herself once baby’s sleeping. You can also add a nice pillow for the mother if you’re choosing the bedtime gift basket.

Ideas for gift baskets for baby showers are almost endless. You can arrange a gift basket on your own. Or you can buy a pre-packaged basket from an online store or a brick-and-mortar gift shop.