Baby Showers: What Types of Gifts to Register For

Pregnancy is such an exciting period of time in a woman’s life. While waiting for your little bundle of joy to arrive, there is so much to prepare for – and these preparations can be quite enjoyable and exciting. Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of the preparation process is the baby shower and registering for gifts. People are going to get you gifts for your little one and your baby gift registry gives you an opportunity to let people know exactly what it is that you would like. What a novel idea! Going to the store to create your registry can be a bit overwhelming, what with so many different options laid out before you. Instead of getting overwhelmed or pointing that little scanning gun at everything you see, have an idea of what it is that you really want and need so that you can create a registry filled with useful items.

Bedding: Select bedding items for your baby registry. Choose a pattern and colors that will tie in with the nursery and items that will be useful, including sheets, quilts and blankets, bumpers and waterproof mattress liners.

Clothing: Choose clothing that is appropriate to the season your baby will be born in. For example, if your baby will be born in the summer, select cool, lightweight items and if your baby will be born in the winter, opt for items that are soft and warm.

Bathing: While it may seem like a novel idea, don’t register for a baby spa, as you’ll probably never use it. Instead, opt for things that you really will use, like a bath sling, mild baby soaps and soft wash cloths and towels.

Feeding: The feeding items that you will use with your baby will depend on how you intend on feeding the little one. Some key items that you may consider including on your registry are bottles, nipples, bibs, a bottle warmer and a bottle cooler.

Diapering: Diapering is a large part of having a baby, so go ahead and register for some diapering items. Diapering items to include are a changing pad, diapers in a variety of sizes, wipes and a diaper disposal.

Gear: Babies require lots of gear and you will want to register for the gear that you really like and want to use with your baby. Gear-related items to include on your registry include a stroller, a rear-facing car seat, a pack-and-play, a swing and a bassinet or a cradle. You can also include a high chair, though you won’t need it until a few months after the baby is born.