Baby Shower Gifts and Nappy Cakes – What Are They?

A Nappy Cake can be best described as a hand-made baby hamper gift that is designed to look like a cake. Many would say a wedding cake style because of its beautiful colour co-ordinated decorations and multiple tiers. Upon closer inspection, you will find that they are put together using disposable nappies and dependent on the supplier are available in 1-5 tiers and generally come with practical baby gifts hidden inside.

They are perfect gifts for new or expectant parents and can be given as a gift in celebration of a new baby arrival; alternatively they can be given weeks before the expectants due date known as a baby shower. They can also be given as christening or baptism gifts.

Not only do they look stunning, they are exceptionally practical too as most are deep filled with practical items, such as baby feed wheel, socks, bibs, hats, baby grows and more. Because of their design, they are the perfect gift to use as centre piece at a baby shower, or just as a gift for mum to be.

The wedding cake design with its multiple tiers is decorated in colour co-ordinated ribbons and bows and built with the very best attention to detail. Generally most cakes can be purchased directly online and will be delivered by courier or royal mail and can be sent to the person who makes the purchase or direct to the recipient.

When purchasing your gift online, be sure to compare each individual cake for the items included (ingredients) some of the more expensive and possibly better value nappy cakes will cost a little bit more money, but this is because much more care, time and attention to detail has been put into the presentation. You will find most of the cakes are built (baked) using branded nappies such as huggies or pampers and for those seeking an organic baby shower gift, then much of the online shops will offer the facility to upgrade to well know branded organic nappies for an extra fee.

So if you are looking for a practical, stylish and unique baby shower gift with that “wow” factor then nappy cakes will make the perfect gift purchase for you. These unique baby gifts are available in various colours, blue for boys, pink for girls and yellow for those who do not know the gender. Nappy cakes are also available personalised and available in an organic ranges as well has being available for twins.