What Are the 7 Amazing Benefits of Baby Massage?

It is not surprising to know that your baby enjoys your loving touch. Your baby spends 9 months inside your womb where he is happily and comfortably snuggling. Your loving touch soothes and nurtures him while inside. Being close to you makes your baby feels safe. Therefore, it is a great bonding moment between a parent and a child.

What is baby massage?

It is a gentle, relaxing stroking of your baby’s body with the use of your hands. Oils and moisturizers are used to help your hands glide smoothly over the skin of your child.

How can it be beneficial for babies?

– It is great for development.

Baby massage is a sensory activity that will encourage your baby’s social, emotional, and physical development. As you massage his body, he is enjoying your familiar face, your sweet smile, your loving gaze, and your soothing hands. It allows the baby to learn more about his body in a gentle and relaxing way. Baby massage can help your baby develop coordination and awareness about his body. It also helps in stimulating the nervous system, immune system, and respiratory system.

– It encourages bonding.

A massage is one of the great ways to strengthen the bond and attachment between you and your baby. Baby massage allows you to focus more on your baby and allows him to have time to truly focus on you too. Baby massage is a great time for the two of you to bond and to relax together.

– It can soothe ailments.

A baby massage before bed can help the baby to unwind. This is a great way to help your little one relax and to de-stress after a very busy day. It is also used to soothe ailments such as constipation. Baby massage is also used to clear blocked sinuses and stuffy nose.

– It is relaxing.

Your baby enjoys being close to you while you are massaging his body and it will make him feel so relaxed too. A calming sense of touch is all your baby wants after a very stressful day.

– It can help your baby sleep.

Massaging your baby before bed will make him sleep deeper and longer. According to a research study, babies who were massaged before bed will likely to have better sleep, cry less, and have lower levels of stress hormones.

– It builds confidence.

Massage not only strengthens the bond but also encourages communication between the baby and the parents. Through baby massage, parents are free to feel confidence in their parenting abilities.

– It is perfect for dads too.

Dads may not be able to breastfeed but they can spend a daddy-baby time each day with a relaxing massage. Baby massage can decrease the amount of stress by new fathers. Fathers who regularly massage their baby are more likely to be met with sweet smiles and eye contact. It will also improve and strengthens the bond between the two.

When is the best time to massage a baby?

A good time to massage your baby is when he is awake and settled. Pick a time when your baby is between feeds. You can make it a part of your bedtime routine, after a bath, or before a bedtime feed.